[PRESS RELEASE] Smoke-Free Baguio Launches #DisiplinaMuna – Curve Smoking and COVID-19 Social Media Campaign

Disiplina Muna Post

Smoke-Free Baguio launched #DisiplinaMuna – Curve Smoking and COVID-19 social media campaign last September 22-25, 2020 in Smoke-Free Baguio City Facebook page. The campaign was launched in partnership with International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), Baguio City Health Services Office, and the Baguio City Local Government. Ten guidelines were published to remind the citizens of Baguio to follow the ordinance, show respect to others, and work together for a smoke-free Baguio City especially in this time of pandemic.

The ten guidelines were divided into two sections: follow the policies and show respect. These guidelines can be found in the poster with the English translation provided here:

  1. Do not smoke in public places. The smoke in cigarettes have chemicals that can kill you.
  2. Children are not allowed to buy or light cigarettes. Do not show buying, lighting or using cigarettes in front of the children.
  3. Dispose the cigarette butts or filters in the trash. Don’t throw it on the road or squeeze it in a plant or anywhere.
  4. As a sign of respect, stay away from other people if you smoke. Observe physical distancing.
  5. As a sign of respect, avoid talking while smoking to avoid infections of illness especially COVID-19.
  6. As a sign of respect, wash your hands after smoking.
  7. As a sign of respect, wear face mask and face shield immediately after smoking.
  8. As a sign of respect, keep the smoking area clean.
  9. As a sign of respect, avoid using other people’s cigarettes to light your cigarette.
  10. As a sign of respect, bring your own lighter or matches

The Smoke-Free Baguio team however emphasized its stand to constantly remind smokers to stop smoking. The team also reminded the citizens to put their families and others first before themselves, as smoking not only affects the health of the user, but also the health of those around them.

Around 110,800 Facebook users were reached in this campaign, with around 15,800 reached in every post. There are a total of 2,142 engagements, with an average of 306 engagements per post.

In an attempt to reach more people beyond social media, Smoke-Free Baguio is planning to share and reproduce its #DisiplinaMuna campaign materials in print form, and distribute them to different barangays, police stations and media. You can check the materials in our open source folder here. Make sure to inform us when using our materials.

The #DisiplinaMuna campaign was also in-line with Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s call for a disciplined Baguio City, as the city becomes a model in contact tracing, COVID-19 testing, and re-opening the economy in time of the pandemic. Baguio City is also known as a Smoke-Free City, due to its anti-smoking ordinance and a strict implementation of its policies.

Smoke-Free Baguio encourages everyone to work together for a smoke-free, COVID-free and disciplined Baguio City! To know more about our programs, you can check our Facebook page here. You can also report violations here. Message us in the website or in our Facebook page if you want to enroll in our smoking cessation counselling program.


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