Smoke-Free Baguio Primer For Smoking Cessation Program

Are you a smoker who plans to quit smoking? We’re here for you!

Smoke-Free Baguio offers a FREE Smoking Cessation Counselling to smokers who are ready to quit smoking! Check our Smoking Cessation Program Primer to know more about our program and how to enroll in our counselling service.

Remember that willingness to quit smoking starts with YOU, and we are just here to help you. We know it’s hard, but you can do it. Do it for your family, your friends, your workmates and most especially, for yourself.STOP smoking and START living!

For more information about our Smoke Cessation Program, watch this PTV Cordillera report here:

Our smoking cessation flow consists of 5As

ASK – Ask and document tobacco use status
>If recent quitter (less than six months), prevent relapse:
-Congratulate successes
-Discuss benefits experienced by patient
-Address weight gain, negative method, and lack of support
>If current user, proceed to ADVISE part

ADVISE – Provide strong, personalized message

ASSESS – Assess readiness to quit in next 30 days
>If not ready, increase motivation using 6Rs:
-Relevance to personal situation
-Risks: short and long-term, environmental
-Rewards: potential benefits of quitting
-Roadblocks: identify barriers and solutions
-Repetition: repeat motivational intervention
-Reassess readiness to quit
>If ready, proceed to ASSIST part

-Negotiate plan
-Use STAR* method
-Discuss pharmacotherapy
-Provide social support
-Provide educational materials
*STAR method
-Set quit date
-Tell family, friends, and coworkers
-Anticipate challenges: withdrawal, breaks
-Remove tobacco from the house, car etc.

ARRANGE – Arrange follow-up to check plan or adjust meds
-Call right before and after quit date
-Weekly follow-up (for two weeks), then monthly (for six months)
-Ask about difficulties (withdrawal, depressed mood, etc.)
-Build upon successes
-Seek commitment to stay tobacco-free

Those who would want to quit smoking must set an appointment with us so that we can accommodate you. You can message us your name, phone number and preferred schedule to either our Facebook Page, Messenger, text or through email. We are available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm.


Q: How long do counselling sessions last?
A: Our counselling sessions usually last for 1-2 hours

Q: Is the counselling program free?
A: Yes, it’s free! Our counselling and nicotine pastilles are free to those who are willing and committed to quit

Q: Who are eligible for the program?
A: Smokers who recently quit or smokers who are planning to quit smoking

Q: Is there an age limit for the program?
A: The program is for all ages

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You don’t need to bring anything. Just bring yourself and your willingness to quit

Q: Is the counselling face-to-face?
A: Yes, but new normal protocols (for COVID-19) will be applied (physical distancing, registration for contact tracing, proper use of face mask and face shield)


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