-Fill up the citation ticket complete with COMPLETE address USE CARDBOARD
-If they are requesting for the further details ask them to write letter addressed to the Mayor as Chairman of the City Smoke-Free Task Force
-Ask the violator to sign citation ticket; Issue the yellow ticket
If no violation, congratulate them and commend them for being smoke-free compliant. Note in your form that they are compliant
-Post poster or sticker

Conduct of POST MEETING to discuss:
-Properly fill up the compliance monitoring form complete all the needed details
-Compare the citation tickets to the SF Monitoring Tool
-Count all confiscated items and surrender to Smoke-Free Office
-Endorse the white ticket to your barangay treasurer or secretary for claiming later of violators. Discuss issues and concerns – document and make proper reports endorsed to the concerned barangay captain
-Schedule of next monitoring visit

Submission of monthly report
-Fill out Barangay Monitoring Tool
-Attach photocopy of SF2 (Compliance Monitoring Tool)
-Submit every 5th of the month at the SF office or through here
-Barangay should have own copy
-Post pictures at Smoke-Free Facebook page to include number of establishments monitored,
-Issued citation ticket, violations and individual violators

Prepared and Ready Enforcer
-An enforcer must be prepared and ready prior to enforcement.

· Wear Uniform and ID; Bring compliance monitoring form and Citation Ticket

· Bring Pen, tape, plastic or eco bag; Bring IEC materials; Documentation device re: Camera

Enforcement Team
-Enforcement is not a one-man job. Everyone in the community can apprehend but only the deputized enforcer can issue a citation ticket.
-Every inspection and monitoring MUST be composed of a team: (Any 3)

· Deputized Enforcer; Police Representative; Barangay Kagawads

· Sangguniang Kabataan; Tanods/ BPAT; BHW/ BNS/ BNAO

· Members of the DHST; Sanitary Inspector; Others (identified by the Health District)

Enforcer’s Attitude and Capacity
-An enforcer KNOWS the policies. Familiarize self on the ordinance including RA 9211 and EO 26.
-An enforcer must be CALM at all times. Maximum tolerance
-Safety of enforcers is a priority
-Avoid heated arguments
-Consider weather conditions when scheduling inspections

How to SPOT violations in an establishment
-Ocular survey of the store/establishment. Only enter the store as far as any customer can. Never force your way in.
-Check for any tobacco advertisement or promotional materials.
-Posters, stickers, ash tray, tissue holders, lamp
-Check for open display of tobacco products
-Check for opened packs of cigarette that are possibly sold per stick

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