Smoke-Free Baguio Conducts MPOWER and Deputization Training

Smoke-Free Baguio City, in cooperation with the Baguio City Health Services Office, City Government of Baguio, and Smoke-Free Benguet – Transcending Institutions and Communities held an MPOWER and Deputization Training seminar for Smoke-Free Task Force members on October 22-23, 2020 in Venus Parkview Hotel, Baguio City.

The training aimed to strengthen the implementation of the Smoke-Free Baguio City Ordinance, build the capacity of the members using the MPOWER modules, and ensure the commitment of the participants to actively engage in the effective and efficient implementation of the ordinance.

The two-day session was attended by 31 participants from Baguio City Government offices, as well as 17 participants composed of local officials from Tuba, Benguet, and the staff of Smoke-Free Baguio and Smoke-Free Benguet with fund support from The Union.

The training included lectures, case studies, and an action planning session facilitated by different local health and enforcement trainers.

Discussions revolved around the MPOWER module: Monitoring tobacco use and tobacco industry activities; Protecting people from exposure to tobacco smoke; Offering help for smokers and vapers to quit; Warning people about the dangers of tobacco; Enforcing the ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and Raising taxes or prices for tobacco.

The seminar also presented the City Ordinance 34, Series of 2017, much known as the Smoke-Free Baguio City Ordinance, and on how to enforce the said ordinance.

The training focused on the role of the enforcers in implementing and strengthening the ordinance, as well as advocate for a smoke-free city and generation. In addition, it helped clarify and discuss the issues, concerns and suggestions regarding tobacco control and the ordinance. It also facilitated the exchange of opinions and practices with the participants of Smoke-Free Benguet.

For two years, Smoke-Free Baguio has conducted a number of capacity-building trainings with around 500 participants in all the combined trainings. Trainings such as the MPOWER and Deputization have borne fruit in strengthening the Smoke-Free Baguio ordinance, as local communities and even neighbor municipalities embrace the program and advocacy.

To know more about our training, check out our feature article about the MPOWER and Enforcement Training here

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