9 DSAs for Approval after Smoke-Free Task Force’ Inspection

Ten establishments (10) with Designated Smoking Area (DSA) applications in the city were inspected by the Smoke-Free City Task Force on April 22, 2021.

Based on the findings of the inspection, nine (9) DSAs were subject for approval given additional requirements are met. These are from Venus Park View Hotel, Cholo’s Place, Café Will, Texas Instrument, CAP John Hay Cultural and Trade Center, The Manor at Camp John Hay, Forest Lodge, Korean Palace and Club Myles.

Meanwhile, Spoon and Stone Café’s application was disapproved due to criteria for are not met.

Under Section 4 of COB 34 s 2017 requires DSAs to be open-space outside the building with no permanent or temporary roof or wall; must be 10-meter away from entrances, exits or any place where people pass or congregate; shall not have an area larger than ten (10) square meters and; where food and drinks are not served.

Moreover, in compliance to the COVID-19 health protocols, additional requirements were identified by the Task Force such as five (5) persons at a time in the DSA, maintaining of 1-meter physical distance of smokers or vapers, limited talking and time spent at the DSA and observance of proper hand washing before and after smoking or vaping.

The task force again reminds every establishments to apply for a DSA if applicable to avoid violations.

Establishments with existing DSA that was already approved by the task force previously are also encouraged to renew in compliance to the new implementing guidelines set by the task force that DSAs should be renewed every January annually regardless of the approval of the previous DSA.

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