Smoke-Free Baguio training and orientation, seminars and workshops

MPOWER and Enforcement training aims to build the capacity of all members of the Community Task Force and to educate and empower community enforcers in the implementation of the Smoke-Free Baguio Ordinance.

Inspection and monitoring

The Smoke-Free Baguio Task Force is composed of the Health Services Office, Public Order and Safety Division, barangay officials and deputized enforcers. The Task Force conducts regular inspection and monitoring on establishments around the city.

Smoke-Free Baguio Convention, Kapihan Conference and Revolution Smoke-Free Workplace

The Smoke-Free Baguio Convention aims to give tobacco situationer and program updates from global to local settings and to recognize model barangays in implementing the Smoke-Free Baguio Ordinance.

Kapihan Conference was conducted to inform the media and Social Media viewers about the Smoke-Fee Baguio Ordinance. The event also held a press conference and answer queries from the media about the Ordinance

Revolution Smoke-Free Workplace was held in PEZA, Baguio City. The event launched and declared Baguio City Economic Zone (BCEZ-PEZA) as the first government agency in the Philippines to be qualified as smoke-free place. BCEZ-PEZA was recognized in its best practices on tobacco-free initiatives.

Contain That Butt

Contain That Butt is Smoke-Free Baguio’s plogging activity. The team collected cigarette butts in different barangays in the city, informed the public about the ill effects of smoking in health and environment, and rallied the public to support and participate in the strict implementation of the Smoke-Free Baguio Ordinance. The activity was in celebration of June as the national No Smoking Month and its main purpose was to promote environment and health awareness through stating the ill effects of cigarette smoking in the health and the environment.

Hike, Bike and Like For A Smoke-Free Life

Hike, Bike, and Like for a Smoke-Free Life is an advocacy campaign of Smoke-Free Baguio aimed to increase awareness of the general public on the Smoke-Free Baguio Ordinance and the health implications of smoking. The activity ensured the pledge of commitment of the transport groups and community members to support and advocate the Smoke-Free City campaign. The event also had a cigarette crushing activity and conducted a free health fair for the participants.

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