Featured Activities For The Week (Week #1 October 2020)

We are featuring four activities for this week! Our featured activities are part of the inspection, monitoring, and posting of Smoke-Free Baguio materials activities form the community! Thank you barangays MRR Queen of Peace, DPS, Balsigan and San Luis for being part of our Smoke-Free advocacy! You can do your part too! If you knowContinue reading “Featured Activities For The Week (Week #1 October 2020)”

Featured Activity: MPOWER and Enforcement Training

Our featured Smoke-Free Baguio activity is MPOWER and Enforcement training! MPOWER training is a program designed to educate the community about the implications of smoking. It also highlights the importance of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in addressing the dangers and health implications of smoking. MPOWER training is used toContinue reading “Featured Activity: MPOWER and Enforcement Training”

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