Smoke-Free Baguio Conducts MPOWER and Deputization Training

Smoke-Free Baguio City, in cooperation with the Baguio City Health Services Office, City Government of Baguio, and Smoke-Free Benguet – Transcending Institutions and Communities held an MPOWER and Deputization Training seminar for Smoke-Free Task Force members on October 22-23, 2020 in Venus Parkview Hotel, Baguio City.

The training aimed to strengthen the implementation of the Smoke-Free Baguio City Ordinance, build the capacity of the members using the MPOWER modules, and ensure the commitment of the participants to actively engage in the effective and efficient implementation of the ordinance.

The two-day session was attended by 31 participants from Baguio City Government offices, as well as 17 participants composed of local officials from Tuba, Benguet, and the staff of Smoke-Free Baguio and Smoke-Free Benguet with fund support from The Union.

The training included lectures, case studies, and an action planning session facilitated by different local health and enforcement trainers.

Discussions revolved around the MPOWER module: Monitoring tobacco use and tobacco industry activities; Protecting people from exposure to tobacco smoke; Offering help for smokers and vapers to quit; Warning people about the dangers of tobacco; Enforcing the ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and Raising taxes or prices for tobacco.

The seminar also presented the City Ordinance 34, Series of 2017, much known as the Smoke-Free Baguio City Ordinance, and on how to enforce the said ordinance.

The training focused on the role of the enforcers in implementing and strengthening the ordinance, as well as advocate for a smoke-free city and generation. In addition, it helped clarify and discuss the issues, concerns and suggestions regarding tobacco control and the ordinance. It also facilitated the exchange of opinions and practices with the participants of Smoke-Free Benguet.

For two years, Smoke-Free Baguio has conducted a number of capacity-building trainings with around 500 participants in all the combined trainings. Trainings such as the MPOWER and Deputization have borne fruit in strengthening the Smoke-Free Baguio ordinance, as local communities and even neighbor municipalities embrace the program and advocacy.

To know more about our training, check out our feature article about the MPOWER and Enforcement Training here

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-Fill up the citation ticket complete with COMPLETE address USE CARDBOARD
-If they are requesting for the further details ask them to write letter addressed to the Mayor as Chairman of the City Smoke-Free Task Force
-Ask the violator to sign citation ticket; Issue the yellow ticket
If no violation, congratulate them and commend them for being smoke-free compliant. Note in your form that they are compliant
-Post poster or sticker

Conduct of POST MEETING to discuss:
-Properly fill up the compliance monitoring form complete all the needed details
-Compare the citation tickets to the SF Monitoring Tool
-Count all confiscated items and surrender to Smoke-Free Office
-Endorse the white ticket to your barangay treasurer or secretary for claiming later of violators. Discuss issues and concerns – document and make proper reports endorsed to the concerned barangay captain
-Schedule of next monitoring visit

Submission of monthly report
-Fill out Barangay Monitoring Tool
-Attach photocopy of SF2 (Compliance Monitoring Tool)
-Submit every 5th of the month at the SF office or through here
-Barangay should have own copy
-Post pictures at Smoke-Free Facebook page to include number of establishments monitored,
-Issued citation ticket, violations and individual violators

Prepared and Ready Enforcer
-An enforcer must be prepared and ready prior to enforcement.

· Wear Uniform and ID; Bring compliance monitoring form and Citation Ticket

· Bring Pen, tape, plastic or eco bag; Bring IEC materials; Documentation device re: Camera

Enforcement Team
-Enforcement is not a one-man job. Everyone in the community can apprehend but only the deputized enforcer can issue a citation ticket.
-Every inspection and monitoring MUST be composed of a team: (Any 3)

· Deputized Enforcer; Police Representative; Barangay Kagawads

· Sangguniang Kabataan; Tanods/ BPAT; BHW/ BNS/ BNAO

· Members of the DHST; Sanitary Inspector; Others (identified by the Health District)

Enforcer’s Attitude and Capacity
-An enforcer KNOWS the policies. Familiarize self on the ordinance including RA 9211 and EO 26.
-An enforcer must be CALM at all times. Maximum tolerance
-Safety of enforcers is a priority
-Avoid heated arguments
-Consider weather conditions when scheduling inspections

How to SPOT violations in an establishment
-Ocular survey of the store/establishment. Only enter the store as far as any customer can. Never force your way in.
-Check for any tobacco advertisement or promotional materials.
-Posters, stickers, ash tray, tissue holders, lamp
-Check for open display of tobacco products
-Check for opened packs of cigarette that are possibly sold per stick

[PRESS RELEASE] PEZA-BCEZ Conducts Plogging Activity

“PEZA Baguio City Economic Zone, pursuant to its commitment in promoting a healthy balance between eco-industrial development, environmental sustainability and ensuring a green, resilient, safe economic zone, celebrates the National Coastal Clean Up Month (initially scheduled Sept. 29) with the theme “Safe Oceans Start at Home” through the Clean and Fit as You Jog Plogging Activity.

The activity aims to provide continuing program in the protection of inland waterways, promotion of healthy workplace through the revolution smoke-free program, dengue awareness campaign and physical fitness program.

The clean-up drive, in collaboration with LGU Baguio City, EMB WQMA and 2nd Air Reserve Center, was conducted on 06 October 2020 along Loakan Road, BCEZ pocket forests/green buffer zone and adapted Loakan Creek area. It was participated by 60 PEZA-BCEZ,BFP-CLU personnel and service providers.

Solid wastes collected during the clean up activity is at 115.25 kgs. for disposal in the PEZA Material Recovery Facility, WOW Recyling MRF. Scattered bottles and containers with water were drained empty and cigarette butts collected four half-filled 1.5 L PET bottles.”

Press release published by PEZA-BCEZ through Smoke-Free Baguio.

Smoke-Free Baguio Primer For Smoking Cessation Program

Are you a smoker who plans to quit smoking? We’re here for you!

Smoke-Free Baguio offers a FREE Smoking Cessation Counselling to smokers who are ready to quit smoking! Check our Smoking Cessation Program Primer to know more about our program and how to enroll in our counselling service.

Remember that willingness to quit smoking starts with YOU, and we are just here to help you. We know it’s hard, but you can do it. Do it for your family, your friends, your workmates and most especially, for yourself.STOP smoking and START living!

For more information about our Smoke Cessation Program, watch this PTV Cordillera report here:

Our smoking cessation flow consists of 5As

ASK – Ask and document tobacco use status
>If recent quitter (less than six months), prevent relapse:
-Congratulate successes
-Discuss benefits experienced by patient
-Address weight gain, negative method, and lack of support
>If current user, proceed to ADVISE part

ADVISE – Provide strong, personalized message

ASSESS – Assess readiness to quit in next 30 days
>If not ready, increase motivation using 6Rs:
-Relevance to personal situation
-Risks: short and long-term, environmental
-Rewards: potential benefits of quitting
-Roadblocks: identify barriers and solutions
-Repetition: repeat motivational intervention
-Reassess readiness to quit
>If ready, proceed to ASSIST part

-Negotiate plan
-Use STAR* method
-Discuss pharmacotherapy
-Provide social support
-Provide educational materials
*STAR method
-Set quit date
-Tell family, friends, and coworkers
-Anticipate challenges: withdrawal, breaks
-Remove tobacco from the house, car etc.

ARRANGE – Arrange follow-up to check plan or adjust meds
-Call right before and after quit date
-Weekly follow-up (for two weeks), then monthly (for six months)
-Ask about difficulties (withdrawal, depressed mood, etc.)
-Build upon successes
-Seek commitment to stay tobacco-free

Those who would want to quit smoking must set an appointment with us so that we can accommodate you. You can message us your name, phone number and preferred schedule to either our Facebook Page, Messenger, text or through email. We are available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm.


Q: How long do counselling sessions last?
A: Our counselling sessions usually last for 1-2 hours

Q: Is the counselling program free?
A: Yes, it’s free! Our counselling and nicotine pastilles are free to those who are willing and committed to quit

Q: Who are eligible for the program?
A: Smokers who recently quit or smokers who are planning to quit smoking

Q: Is there an age limit for the program?
A: The program is for all ages

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You don’t need to bring anything. Just bring yourself and your willingness to quit

Q: Is the counselling face-to-face?
A: Yes, but new normal protocols (for COVID-19) will be applied (physical distancing, registration for contact tracing, proper use of face mask and face shield)


Featured Activities For The Week (Week #1 October 2020)

We are featuring four activities for this week!

Our featured activities are part of the inspection, monitoring, and posting of Smoke-Free Baguio materials activities form the community!

Thank you barangays MRR Queen of Peace, DPS, Balsigan and San Luis for being part of our Smoke-Free advocacy! 😃

You can do your part too! If you know any Smoke-Free activities, tag us and we’ll feature the activity!

Or if you saw any violations, you can report to us through either of these links:

Get to know more about our ordinance here:

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Let us all work together for a Smoke-Free Baguio City!

Smoke-Free Baguio In Action: MPRB and Middle Quirino Hill

Not only that we’re active online, we’re also active on the ground! We coordinate with our barangay officials and enforcers in distributing information materials, monitoring establishments and public transportations, and apprehending violators.

MPRB Barangay Task Force posted anti-smoking stickers on different establishments and homes in MPRB Barangay last Thursday, September 24. They also apprehended two smoking violators in the barangay on Friday, September 25.

Salute to MPRB Barangay Task Force for posting materials in your barangay and for apprehending violators last week! The Smoke-Free Baguio team appreciates your work in your community!

Middle Quirino Hill Barangay Task Force posted anti-smoking stickers on public jeepneys of Quirino Hill last Thursday, September 24. They also cleared and collected cigarette butts along the road last Friday, September 25. They bottled a total of 122 cigarette butts in their activity.

Salute to Middle Quirino Hill Barangay Task Force for posting materials in your barangay and for collecting cigarette butts in your cleanup drive last week! The Smoke-Free Baguio team appreciates your work in your community!

Continue to coordinate with your barangay for more on-the-ground Smoke-Free activities and report to us if you saw any violations so that we can refer them to the barangay and POSD to address your concerns.

Let us help each other especially in this time of pandemic. Let us all work together for a Smoke-Free Baguio City!



Photo credits from Ms. Leilani Ignacio, Mr. Pedro Dasing, MPRB Barangay and Middle Quirino Hill Barangay.

Featured Activity: Smoking Cessation Program

Our featured activity for today is Smoke-Free Baguio’s Smoking Cessation Program!

Did you know that 78 percent of the current smokers are planning to quit smoking? This is why we are encouraging you to quit smoking or help those who are planning to quit smoking.

We already know how bad smoking is not just for your health, but also for the health of those around you – your family, friends, neighbors or workmates. Maybe you have come to a point where you planned or tried to quit smoking. For some, their attempts were successful, for others, it was a frustrating or difficult experience. But don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Smoke-Free Baguio offers a FREE Smoking Cessation Counselling for smokers who are ready to quit smoking! We are willing to help you by listening, advising, assessing, assisting and following you up in your quitting journey. Our Smoke Cessation program includes counselling, assessing your nicotine dependence and providing free nicotine pastilles.

Remember that willingness to quit smoking starts with YOU, and we are just here to help you. We know it’s hard, but you can do it. Do it for your family, your friends, your workmates and most especially, for yourself.

Set an appointment with us by messaging us in our Facebook page! You can also message us in our page or in our website for more details about our program.

STOP smoking and START living!

For more information about our Smoke Cessation Program, watch this PTV Cordillera report here:

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[PRESS RELEASE] Smoke-Free Baguio Launches #DisiplinaMuna – Curve Smoking and COVID-19 Social Media Campaign

Disiplina Muna Post

Smoke-Free Baguio launched #DisiplinaMuna – Curve Smoking and COVID-19 social media campaign last September 22-25, 2020 in Smoke-Free Baguio City Facebook page. The campaign was launched in partnership with International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), Baguio City Health Services Office, and the Baguio City Local Government. Ten guidelines were published to remind the citizens of Baguio to follow the ordinance, show respect to others, and work together for a smoke-free Baguio City especially in this time of pandemic.

The ten guidelines were divided into two sections: follow the policies and show respect. These guidelines can be found in the poster with the English translation provided here:

  1. Do not smoke in public places. The smoke in cigarettes have chemicals that can kill you.
  2. Children are not allowed to buy or light cigarettes. Do not show buying, lighting or using cigarettes in front of the children.
  3. Dispose the cigarette butts or filters in the trash. Don’t throw it on the road or squeeze it in a plant or anywhere.
  4. As a sign of respect, stay away from other people if you smoke. Observe physical distancing.
  5. As a sign of respect, avoid talking while smoking to avoid infections of illness especially COVID-19.
  6. As a sign of respect, wash your hands after smoking.
  7. As a sign of respect, wear face mask and face shield immediately after smoking.
  8. As a sign of respect, keep the smoking area clean.
  9. As a sign of respect, avoid using other people’s cigarettes to light your cigarette.
  10. As a sign of respect, bring your own lighter or matches

The Smoke-Free Baguio team however emphasized its stand to constantly remind smokers to stop smoking. The team also reminded the citizens to put their families and others first before themselves, as smoking not only affects the health of the user, but also the health of those around them.

Around 110,800 Facebook users were reached in this campaign, with around 15,800 reached in every post. There are a total of 2,142 engagements, with an average of 306 engagements per post.

In an attempt to reach more people beyond social media, Smoke-Free Baguio is planning to share and reproduce its #DisiplinaMuna campaign materials in print form, and distribute them to different barangays, police stations and media. You can check the materials in our open source folder here. Make sure to inform us when using our materials.

The #DisiplinaMuna campaign was also in-line with Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s call for a disciplined Baguio City, as the city becomes a model in contact tracing, COVID-19 testing, and re-opening the economy in time of the pandemic. Baguio City is also known as a Smoke-Free City, due to its anti-smoking ordinance and a strict implementation of its policies.

Smoke-Free Baguio encourages everyone to work together for a smoke-free, COVID-free and disciplined Baguio City! To know more about our programs, you can check our Facebook page here. You can also report violations here. Message us in the website or in our Facebook page if you want to enroll in our smoking cessation counselling program.


Smoke-Free Baguio Report Form

Reporting anti-smoking or anti-vaping violations is now easy! All you have to do is scan our QR code!There are also other ways to report. You can message us report in either of these links:

Don’t worry, your identity and personal information will be kept confidential.For more information, visit us at!

Be informed. Be involved! Let us all work together for a Smoke-Free Baguio City!



Smoke-Free Baguio City Primer for Designated Smoking Areas

Smoking is prohibited in Baguio City except in Designated Smoking Areas (DSA). Get to know more about the Designated Smoking Areas in this primer!

Businesses should apply for DSA duly approved by the City Health Services Office if they want to have a designated smoking area in their establishments. Be sure to meet all the requirements for DSA!

We still encourage everyone to make and keep their establishments and workplaces smoke-free. A smoke-free place leads to a healthy space!

The current Designated Smoking Areas in Baguio City are the following:
• Texas Instruments
• Korean Palace
• Club Myles
• Cholo’s Place
• Café Will
• Lemon and Olives
• Chakaman
• Alfer Building
• Concentrix
• Cap Building John Hay
• The Manor

Areas under Absolute Smoking Ban are the following:
•Center of youth activity
•Youth hostels and recreational facilities for persons under eighteen (18) years old
•Elevators and stairwells
•Food preparation areas;
•Public conveyances
•Enclosed, partially enclosed and outdoor areas of transport terminals that are near entrances and exits or where people congregate; Parks, Plazas.
•Locations in which fire hazards are present, including gas stations and storage areas for flammable liquids, gas, explosives or combustible materials
•Within the buildings and premises of public and private hospitals, medical, dental, and optical clinics, health centers, nursing homes, dispensaries and laboratories
•Playgrounds, sports and recreational facilities,
•Within the buildings of all government facilities and premises of all offices:
-Department of Health
-Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education
-Department of Social Welfare and Development
-Civil Service Commission
•Other facilities where an absolute smoking ban is imposed under special laws, administrative and executive orders, memorandum circulars and related policies.

Full DSA Application Process
1. Fill up application form and attach business permit
>Get application form from HSO (Health Services Office)
>Fill up the application form
>Pay PHP 150 inspection fee at HSO cashier
>Submit accomplished form at Smoke-Free Office (3rd floor HSO building) with the following: Updated business permit and official receipt of the inspection fee
*For government premises – Civil Service Commission
*For commercial establishments/buildings or non-government facilities – secure permit from City Buildings Official and City Health Services Office
2. Submit application to HSO for recommendation
>HSO will approve or deny the application
>Applicant will be notified of the date of the inspection
>Smoke-Free Team coordinates with City Building and Architecture Office (CBAO) and HSO Sanitation Division for the date of inspection
>Inspection should be within seven working days after application
3. Smoke-Free Team and HSO inspection in the area
>Team coordinates with point person for the date of inspection and during inspection
>Point person should present the forms during inspection
>Team coordinates with the establishment in complying with the ordinance on DSA
>Inform of the initial results/agreements
*If the establishment failed the criteria for DSA, applicant must return application form with findings and remarks
>Sanitary Inspector submits inspection results to HSO for the DSA final approval of the City Health Officer
4. Approval, follow-up inspection and certification
>The Smoke-Free Inspection Team informs the applicant for DSA posters and Smoke-Free signages
>Smoke-Free Team conducts a follow-up visit once signage and requirements are complied
>HSO issues certification of DSA
>HSO gives letter of result to the establishment within three days
>City Task Force will be informed through advisory/City Task Force meeting